A situation.

*UPDATE: Thank you so much to everyone who has given so generously toward our new car! We have currently received almost $1500, and just need $3500 to reach our goal and purchase a reliable car. For those of you keeping up with Emma’s story, we ended up spending two days and nights in the hospital while Emma was treated for pneumonia and a sickle cell crisis. Last night we needed to drive him back to the hospital for his final antibiotic treatment at 2 AM, and of course, the car wouldn’t start. Thankfully, Hannah’s cousin answered his phone and was able to take us in his car, but it was a stressful end to an already stressful week. We are so grateful to all of you who have given to help prevent these emergencies in the future!

I’m going to be honest with you guys-I never wanted to use this blog to post an update like this, where I’m asking for help. This blog was started to share about all of the exciting things happening here in Uganda, and there are a lot of great things to be shared! But we’ve been dealing with a situation that has become more and more urgent, and now I feel like I need to share it with you.

Since I got here, we have been having serious car problems. Erin and Hannah have been struggling with their car for a while, but in the past couple of months the problems have gotten even worse. Every morning we walk outside and pray the car decides to turn on. Sometimes we get lucky, but lately we have had to call someone to jump it every single day, which is eating up our time and our money.

Carrying thirty pounds of groceries from the main road to our house is a little more fun with this guy helping!

This car is a replacement for my sister’s first car that was totaled over a year ago, when a semi truck smashed into it while Hannah was driving. Thankfully no one was hurt, but after many promises from the truck driver to pay for the repairs, the car is still sitting in a lot, now in even worse shape than it was a year ago. Even though we are trying to take legal action to have him fix the car, it won’t be an easy or fast solution.

We would like to sell the car we have and buy a better one, but that process can take months here, especially if the car we are advertising won’t even turn on when people come to look at it.

What pushed me over the edge was yesterday, when Hannah’s son Emma was sick with a fever for the third day in a row and needed to get to a hospital. With his recent sickle cell anemia diagnosis, any fever can become dangerous, and we were getting worried.

After calling the pediatrician and making the quick decision to take him in, Erin took the car keys to try and start the car.

Nothing. The car was dead again.

It made me sick to watch Emma sleep fitfully on my couch, burning with fever, while we waited over an hour to get our car jumped. The car had just spent a week at the mechanic, and we had paid for lots of repairs to be done, and yet it was still completely dead during this emergency. This is not okay.

We are in desperate need of a car. It doesn’t have to be fancy-all we want is a car that we can trust to turn on every morning and get us to where we need to be.

I know there are many difficult situations happening this year, but would you consider helping us gain some peace of mind with a new car? For $5,000, we can get a decent van like one of these:

Having a working car would be truly lifechanging for us. I never want to be stuck in my house wondering how to get a child to the hospital ever again. If you would like to help us with this need, you can send a gift to my Venmo (@Jessica-Hogan-52), or for a tax-deductible gift, you can click here to go to my Mission Quest page.

Thank you so much for helping us with this huge need! I’m so grateful to have a community of friends and family that I can lean on in times like this. I wish you all a very happy New Year, and I am excited to see what the coming year has for all of us!

2 thoughts on “A situation.

  1. Jessica if the car starts with a jump could it be as simple as a new battery which would be a cheap quick fix.

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    1. They actually tried that back in February when the problems started! But now we are on our fourth new battery and it still won’t turn on 😦 Unfortunately getting the car to start is just one of the many problems it has, and nobody seems to know how to fix most of them!


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