Just around the corner.

Last week, I added a social worker to our foster care team, which is one of the most important accomplishments of this year.

The only reason I met this social worker was because a person told me about their friend who was studying social work, and looking for a place to volunteer.

The only reason this person knew I was looking for a social worker was because he was with me in a meeting where I talked about it.

The only reason he was in this meeting with me was because I accidentally booked the meeting in an unfamiliar area, and I needed someone to show me where it was.

The only reason he was around when I realized my mistake was because he was helping me with my kids’ group that morning.

The only reason he was helping me with my kids’ group that morning was because several weeks earlier he had accidentally showed up for the Petros Zoe outreach program two hours too early, and I asked if he could help me while he waited.

I could go back further and further to track all of the different things that had to happen in order for this good thing to come about. If any of those conversations, circumstances, or accidents hadn’t happened, would I still have found the social worker our program needed? To me, it seemed like this answer to prayer appeared out of nowhere, when I was least expecting it. But in reality, a long trail of dominoes has been lining up for weeks, maybe even months and years, waiting to fall into place at exactly the right moment. When you start to think about things like that, you start to find excitement even in the small things happening in your life. You start to find purpose in the ordinary. And you also start to feel a lot more gratitude.

I am grateful for every single domino that has been lined up and knocked down to make this foster care program a reality. And that includes all of the generous people who have believed in this dream with me and have given their support and finances to seeing it come alive. I know you and see you, and I am so thankful to you.

This year for my 29th birthday, I am inviting people to give a one-time or monthly gift of $29 to the Petros Zoe Foster Care Program. You can be the domino that is perfectly lined up to start an incredible movement here in Uganda!

If you would like to celebrate my birthday with me, just follow this link to make a donation to Petros Zoe. Thank you so much to everyone who has given so far!

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